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How BreezoMeter works?

BreezoMeter was invented to make air quality visible. The company maps air quality in real time and provides street resolution air quality data together with personalized tailor made health solutions for kids, health sensitives, athletes, adults and more.

Using big ­data analytics that allows gathering air quality & weather data from thousands of sources together with unique algorithms, Breezometer tracks and interprets the level of air quality, right down to street level.

Real Time Air Quality Monitoring
Real Time Air
Quality Monitoring
Air Quality Heat Map
Air Quality
Heat Map
health recomendations
Advance Air Quality  API
Advance Air
Quality API

Real Time Air Quality Monitoring

Staying healthy in today’s urban cities is a challenge, especially when air pollution has now become the biggest environmental cause of premature death, overtaking poor sanitation and a lack of clean drinking water (WHO, 2014).

BreezoMeter App tracks and interprets air quality - right down to street level & in real time.

  • Going outdoors? Excercising? Look for the healthiest place near you in real time.
  • Kids? We got you covered with personalized health recommendations for minimizing their exposure.
  • At home? Know when air quality levels outside drop, so inside you could breathe fresh air.

Air Quality Heat Map

If picture worth more than a 1000 words, a map worth more than a 1,000,000 pictures. BreezoMeter’s air quality heat map shows air quality levels at the street resolution in Israel & US. The map updates on the course of minutes to hours and available in BreezoMeter's App, down below or for business use.

Health Recomendations

In the last decade we had several health revolutions. We care more than ever about the water we drink, the food we eat and how much we exercise. It’s about time we take care of the 12,000 liters of air we breathe every day (3000 gallons). 12,000. Every day.

That is why BreezoMeter App & BreezoMeter for Businesses provide personalized tailor made, easy to follow, health solutions for kids, health sensitives, athletes, adults and more, on how to minimize the exposure to air pollution.

Advance Air Quality API

We live in a personal, real time, location based world. That is how we built our API for businesses & developers.

For the first time ever, you could get air quality levels at the street resolution, together with health recommendation as simple as you get the weather.


Air Quality Index

What you should do:

Children under the age of 14

children health rocomendations


sport health rocomendations


heart condition -  health rocomendations


domestic health rocomendations

BreezoMeter For Businesses

The Most Advanced Air Quality Data

BreezoMeter offers the most advanced Air Quality Data for your business. The integration (through API) is simple, intuitive and takes only a few minutes (as developers, we know developers!).

Check out what we offer

BreezoMeter App

BreezoMeter is an award winning, top rated Air Quality app (Service is available in USA & Israel).

The App is a fun, intuitive & professional way to get real time air quality levels, at your specific location, as simple as checking the weather. BreezoMeter offers:

  • Real time air quality maps - see in your own eyes how air quality looks like at your street, block and even the all country.
  • Actionable personalized health recommendations - know what you should do, whether you’re at home, looking for an exercise route, planning a trip or watching the kids.
  • Notifications on air quality changes - save your favorite locations and track their air quality 24/7.

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