Air Quality Map
Show Pollution in Real-time

Check pollution and air quality around the world in cities and rural areas, using our air quality map.
Understand the concentration levels and health effects of all 6 main air pollutants to make informed decisions about what activities you do outside, when and for how much time.

You can easily include air quality data in your products and technology using our global air quality API.
Enrich the user experience, and educate and engage your consumers, by offering relevant and intuitive air quality information, color-coded heat maps, health recommendations and more.

Enjoy using this interactive air quality map to easily visualize real-time air quality.

Notice how the air quality index is unified, for a global experience, so wherever the point of interest is, there is one comparable measure of global air quality, as well as the option to view the local air quality index used in the country.

Air pollution is dynamic and changes throughout the day and even from street to street depending on many conditions. This air pollution map helps users understand where air pollution is better and worse, and the informational panel shows key air pollutant concentrations, typical air pollutant sources and their health effects, health recommendations, air pollution forecast, and air quality over the last day.

Search around, and explore the world’s air: the air quality in Beijing or Shanghai might surprise you, and did you check the air pollution levels in New Delhi?

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