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How Does Air Quality Impact Me?

Air pollution can be extremely dangerous to children, pregnant women and people who suffer from Asthma and heart diseases.

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Air pollution increases the risk of miscarriage by 16%.
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Air pollution causes smaller lung volumes among children.
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Air pollution can reduce real estate value by up to 15%.
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What’s Inside The Full Report?

We use the most advanced algorithms to analyze air pollution at a specific property. This comprehensive analysis will tell you everything you need to know about the air at a specific address.

  • Air quality analysis of 6 pollutants
  • Annual historic air quality data
  • Comparison with the World Health Organization standards
  • Air quality analysis of schools around the property

Know the Pollution Levels
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Compare Several Properties
Using this report you can compare air pollution levels at different properties.
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Family's Exposure
With this report you will know what is the risk of long term exposure with localized air pollution sources and effects.
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Sharing this report with potential buyers can increase a property’s value and sales opportunity.
A World Leader In Air Quality Data
We are a unique group of scientists, developers and product specialists with a clear vision. To improve the health and quality of life for billions of people by providing the most accurate air quality data in a format as simple, intuitive, and actionable as weather data.

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Our Story

BreezoMeter was born from a need to know the quality of the air we breathe, in real time. Our story began back in 2012, as we were looking for houses to live in. We needed to find pollution-free areas because of family health sensitivities, including asthma. As environmental engineers, we understood the connection between our health and the environment, and we refused to compromise on air quality.

We decided it was time to make the invisible visible & started the company. After all, we each breathe 3000 gallons of air a day.

“What if you could see
the air you breathe?”

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