Environmental modeling specialist

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BreezoMeter is looking for an environmental/atmospheric/earth/climate/physics scientist experienced in modeling.

BreezoMeter is a startup company with a vision to improve the health and quality of life for billions around the world by providing accurate and easily-accessible real-time air quality and pollen data.

Join a multidisciplinary group of exceptional people and take part in the development of our core products.

As a member of the science and algorithm team, you will participate in the research and development of new algorithmic capabilities. As the environmental modeling specialist, you will lead our efforts to develop a sophisticated atmospheric model using state-of-the-art techniques such as big data analysis and machine learning methods.

What you’ll do

  • Conduct ongoing research on atmospheric models, from theory to practice
  • Bring new algorithmic capabilities from inception to production
  • Be responsible for the development, performance, accuracy and evaluation of physical models and algorithms
  • Learn new skills and become proficient in new disciplines, breaking new grounds to improve products

Who you are

  • A gifted individual who knows what they’re doing
  • Passionate about public health
  • Highly self-motivated
  • A team player
  • Creative with broad vision


  • M.Sc. or higher in environmental/earth sciences or physics from a leading university
  • At least one year of academic or commercial experience in development of environmental/atmospheric/earth/climate/physical models
  • Analytical skills and the ability to break problems apart
  • At least one year of practical experience in programming


  • Ph.D. from a leading university
  • Familiarity with regional scale climate dynamics and/or meteorology models (e.g. RegCM, WRF-Chem, CLM, CAMS)
  • Scientific background in aerobiology, biology, plant science, botany, ecology, forestry, or other related field
  • Previous experience in a startup environment
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