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Incorporate Air Quality Data into Research for Free

Today we face a new world challenge: The spread of a global virus which, according to experts, presents “a once in 100 years” catastrophic event.
BreezoMeter’s mission has always been to improve the health of billions worldwide.
This is why we’ve decided to open up our air quality data for free to research projects exploring the impact of poor air quality exposure.
  • In a study from Rome, Italy, authors observed that same-day levels of NO2 were significantly associated with total respiratory admissions , acute respiratory infections and asthma, suggesting that NO2 exposure increases the susceptibility to and/or severity of respiratory virus infections."

    Fusco et al., 2001. Air pollution and hospital admissions for respiratory conditions in Rome, Italy. Eur. Respir. J. 17:1143–1150

  • Authors of an epidemiological study from Hong Kong observed significant associations between the level of NO2 and hospital admissions for all respiratory and cardiovascular diseases included in the study."

    Wong et al., 1999. Air pollution and hospital admissions for respiratory and cardiovascular diseases in Hong Kong. Occup. Environ. Med. 56:679–683

  • The European Public Health Alliance (EPHA) has warned that dirty air in urban areas that causes hypertension, diabetes, and other respiratory illness could lead to a higher overall death toll from the virus currently sweeping the world."


  • If you are one of the millions of Americans breathing polluted air, you may be at a greater risk of catching the coronavirus and of having a more severe infection."

    New York Times

  • By lowering air pollution levels we can help the most vulnerable in their fight against this and any possible future pandemics."

    The Gaurdian

What We Offer
We know how useful our location-based and hourly updated information will be for researchers around the world, so we’re making all of the following available at no cost:
Available by API
Real-time & forecast air pollution and pollen data
Active fire alerts
30 day historical information
Air Quality Datasets
Multi-year historical air quality datasets

Who’s Eligible?

If you represent an organization or institution involved with non-commercial research and plan to publish your findings publicly, our data might be available to you.

Contact us to confirm your eligibility

How BreezoMeter’s Data is Used for Research

BreezoMeter’s accurate data is invaluable for research groups looking to explore the correlation between air quality exposure and symptom patterns, as well as health trends over time. Our information is already used for medical and general research worldwide.

We are very pleased to cooperate with BreezoMeter in AQ-Watch. As the world leader for accurate air quality data, BreezoMeter’s expertise will enable AQ-Watch to reach unprecedented levels of services to potential customers anywhere in the world."

Professor Guy Brasseur, AQ-Watch Project Coordinator