Make Indoor Air Operations Smarter

Your Engineering, Our Environmental Intelligence By integrating real-time environmental insights, HVAC & air purifier companies create smarter indoor air products that stand out.

Personalize the Indoor Air Experience

At any moment, the air indoors can be cleaner or dirtier than the outside. Indoor air leaders use BreezoMeter to understand & respond to the outdoor environment in real-time - ensuring healthier homes, offices & customers. Indoor air technology combined with environmental intelligence enables manufacturers to create memorable & personalized customer experiences - boosting sales & engagement.

Environmental Intelligence for Smarter Indoor Air Solutions

Micro-local air quality, pollen and fire insights empower indoor air treatment providers to understand, warn of, and respond to health threats in the environment.

Trusted by Smart Home Leaders & Indoor Air Experts

Industry giants choose BreezoMeter’s granular and environmental intelligence to develop powerful and highly memorable connected solutions.

  • BreezoMeter's real-time air quality and weather dataenable HVAC professionals leveraging our cloud-based software to make informed and automated decisions for buildings. The benefits are reduced maintenance costs, increased filter efficiency as well as improved facility management through intelligent air control, all leading to higher workplace productivity.

    Siemens Smart Infrastructure

  • Since partnering with BreezoMeter, overall sales for Aldes’ connected air treatment solutions have doubled each year.

  • We chose BreezoMeter as our Air Quality data partner as they provide us with the most accurate, reliable data available, enabling us to spread awareness on pollution levels to people all over the world through our free air quality services Blueair Friend and AirView.

The Simplest Way to Develop Connected Indoor Air Operations

Cloud-based environmental insights offer the simplest and most cost-effective way to deliver innovative and engaging connected experiences. As customers recognize the value of smarter clean air solutions, providers benefit from increased sales and brand loyalty.


Deliver Personalized Experiences

Location-based environmental insights provide 360° views of air quality, empowering solutions that protect consumers at all times based on their unique environmental context- both in the home and beyond.


Increase Product Value

Environmental intelligence can be integrated into smart home devices and companion apps to deliver customer-focused digital experiences that make more sales.


Build Intelligent Control

Indoor air management systems respond to real-time and predictive environmental insights to ensure maximum indoor comfort and safety 24 hours a day.


Improve System Efficiency

Building-specific air quality information helps to inform when filters need a change, and limits unnecessary day-to-day use of systems.


Create Loyal Customers

Personalized environmental intelligence keeps indoor air brands and products top of mind - as digital experiences become a way of life, customers stay with you.


Improve Marketing ROI

Location-based & real-time environmental insights can be used to deliver dynamic and highly-targeted product marketing campaigns.

How Indoor Air Leaders Use Environmental Intelligence

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