Get the Most Accurate Outdoor Air Quality Data in the World

and empower your patients to make the smartest health decisions


Does Your Product Accurately Track Your Patient’s Exposure to Outdoor Air Pollution?

Your customers depend on your product to help them overcome their sensitivities.Which is why they need to have the most accurate air quality and pollen data. So they can make the best decisions for their own health, thanks to your product.

Stand Out from The Competition

By giving your customers the outdoor air quality data in real time, at their exact location you can:

BreezoMeter's enhanced air quality data enables patients and providers to better identify environmental triggers in our ResearchKit mHealth app, Asthma Health.

Intuitive Data as a Solution

Air pollution has become a global problem and it is dynamic, always changing. Fluctuations throughout the day and week both in time and location don’t have to mean that your patients need to be stuck indoors.

Learning what is in the air means protecting their health and providing greater freedom. Make this opportunity a reality for your patients.

What's in the Air Your Customers Breathe?

Engage your users with intuitive data and insightful recommendations.