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Actionable environmental and health insights improving lives.

Using Insights to Overcome Environmental Risks

BreezoMeter provides the most accurate and personalized environmental insights to leading businesses around the globe. This revolutionary platform transforms hyperlocal data to an insights & intelligence platform enabling businesses to increase overall value, user retention, competitive advantage, and more.

Transforming Data Into Actionable Notifications

Asthma Environmental Risk Index

How can asthma sufferers better manage their disease?

Asthma sufferers need to access and analyze multiple environmental conditions to manage their disease – a very confusing and time consuming task!

With BreezoMeter’s Asthma Environmental Risk Index asthma sufferers experience a user-friendly and simple service providing information on how to prevent and manage risk of asthma symptom exacerbation.

Backed by epidemiological studies focusing on the effect of environmental parameters on asthma exacerbation, the index utilizes advanced machine learning to provide users with an easy to understand output with four 4 possible levels from low risk to high risk.

Asthma Environmental Risk Factors
Personal Exposure

Personal Exposure incorporates multiple environmental factors (air quality, pollen, weather, and wildfire information) and historical data to provide the individual users with ongoing personal exposure information covering a range of environmental hazards to enables users a better understanding of the environmental effects on health.

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Cleanest Route

Get cleanest route recommendations and actionable insights based on a route’s air cleanliness score! Choosing the cleanest route enables smarter and more informed decision making. Cleanest Route is more than just a journey planner – it analyzes each route and provides a score to identify the path with the lowest pollution exposure levels.

Cleanest Route Planner API
Area Trends & Insights

What is the #1 Factor that most buyers ignore while investing in real estate?

There are a variety of factors that property investors need to consider when making a purchase. While most people do their research and compare elements such as price, a property’s location, and local school ratings – most fail to take into account the environmental factors affecting their purchase.

Area Trends & Insights provides a score and insights for customers interested in purchasing property. Using BreezoMeter’s accurate and granular data, we have been able to aggregate and analyze historical and current air quality and pollen data to produce an environmental score. Using the environmental score, customers can easily compare properties and make sure their investment is environmentally safe.

Environmental Intelligence, Data, Trends, and Insights
Historical Insights

Historical Insights is an environmental time machine. Look back in time to access the historical context you need to gain insights for your clinical or business research, risk index, or media/advertising insights. You can request data for a single time period or on an ongoing basis. Use insights to predict future business needs and outcomes.

Historical Environmental Data Resources

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