BreezoMeter’s Environmental Response Platform

We offer a modular solution to your environmental challenges with our multi-level building blocks. Simply select the use case you want to address and we will provide you with the appropriate combination of data, reporting modes and intelligence to meet your specific needs.

Environmental Data Resources and Intelligence Software API

What Insights are Provided?

Insights are combined with data and reporting modes to serve as building blocks for the Environmental Response Platform. Available Insights include Personalized Environmental Alerts, Symptoms & Insights, Air Quality Health Recommendations, Pollen Recommendations, and Cleanest Route!

What Type of Environmental Data is Included?

BreezoMeter is a true leader when it comes to environmental data and data accuracy. Data is combined with reporting modes and intelligence to serve as building blocks for the Environmental Response Platform. Each data component is available through an API. More data components will be available soon!

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Advisory Services

Build a true partnership with our multidisciplinary team, made up of world renowned atmospheric scientists, IT experts, UX specialists and product innovation experts fully dedicated to your success and business goals.

Use our environmental expertise for joint digital workshops, advisory services, dedicated customer success, joint marketing and early access to upcoming features.

Environmental Intelligence Digital Product Innovation Solutions

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