Environment Manager

Car OEMs make use of BreezoMeter’s automotive solution as a central logic connector for any data points they wish to drive intelligent action from.

Drive Intelligent Action

Live pollen conditions, sensor readings, ambient air pollution levels, weather conditions and more can be combined to activate multiple triggers such as closing windows, activating in-cabin ventilation, alerting the driver in real time and providing cleaner route suggestions.

Ensure Passenger Comfort and Safety

Ensure passenger comfort and health with smart in-cabin air management in dynamic environmental conditions.


Prepare car for driving

Create the optimal driving conditions by making temperature and air quality adjustments before a journey begins.


Prevent in-cabin contamination

Protect the cabin from unhealthy air by triggering an action such as closing the windows and activating the air purifier.


Suggest cleanest route

Allow for healthier journeys by responding to poor air quality and recommending a cleaner alternative.


Reduce risk of fatigue

Limit the risk of drowsiness on the road by triggering the ventilation system and advising when it's time to take a break.


Deliver safety alerts

Send warnings when it matters by continually monitoring the conditions inside and outside of the cabin.

Secure & Easy Integration

Implemented as a one time implementation via the HMI, BreezoMeter’s automotive solution is the simplest way for OEMs & Tier 1s to unify different data sources. Benefit from a cloud-based backend data storage facility, big data analytics, a back office dashboard, a companion app, weekly/monthly usage report integrations and much more.

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