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Make sense of your air quality using our city pollution dashboard.

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BreezoMeter provides the tools needed to understand and mitigate air quality challenges before it’s too late. This innovative platform enables cities to have a clear view of air quality levels in real time, alongside unique benefits such as:


Real-time air quality heat map

Real time air quality index maps (Overlay images)


Health Recommendations

Based on the Air Quality Index for: Children, Sport activities, Health sensitivities, general indoor and general outdoor.

Historical Air Pollution Data

Browse through historical air quality levels

Show statistics and trends for a specific location


Pollutants Information

Current dominant pollutant, description, chemical compound, source, effects and causes.

Air quality report icon

Real time air quality level analysis

Choose between BreezoMeter’s Air Quality Index, color and description (Unified for global use) or the Local ones, as defined by local regulations.

Real time notifications Icon

Real time pollution alerts

Notifications on air quality changes.

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Data layers

Add new data layers to the analysis


Fire detection tool

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Create time laps video

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QA and real-time ongoing calibration

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