Understand your City Sensor Data

Optimal sensor location – Calibration & QA – Intuitive air quality platform

Introducing BreezoMeter’s Sensor Management Services (SMS)

Adding air quality additional sensors is not mandatory with our solution.

However, it can help providing a higher level of air quality data. Many times, there is a limited understanding of areas where more accuracy is needed and what pollutants should be better monitored in a given area.

Moreover, sensors tend to drift, and require real-time ongoing calibration and QA. BreezoMeter offers SMS service to provide powerful visibility on how to deploy sensors.

As a start, we will analyze how many air quality sensors are needed in the city, in order to obtain reliable data.

Than we will tell you where to place the air quality sensors in order to secure trustworthy data.

And of course we will determine what type of pollutants to measure, according to each pollutant specifications and sensor location.

Finally, sensor data will be connected to BreezoMeter’s data analysis to improve the accuracy of the air quality sensor, implement QA and real-time ongoing calibration, and to turn the data into actionable insights.

Here’s what we’re doing with Cisco

As part of the Urban Sensor Network, BreezoMeter & Cisco join forces to understand air quality in Place de la Nation, Paris. The urban planning project includes defining optimal sensor placement, and analyzing the collected data from sensors. The result? A precision down to a few dozen meters, and accurate data to improve air quality and quality of life for residents and visitors.

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