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Dyson boosts its air purifier line with BreezoMeter

Dyson uses BreezoMeter outdoor air quality data to engage with users and differentiate from competitors

Dyson, a leading consumer electronics brand, recently took on a new challenge:
solve the indoor air pollution issue.

The innovation team decided not only to build a high performing air purifier, but also, for the first time, connect Dyson’s top notch hardware technology to a consumer application. Dyson research was looking for a reliable and global outdoor air quality data feed, and chose BreezoMeter. Now, Dyson customers can monitor indoor and outdoor air quality around their house, help reduce air pollution in their homes and offices, and monitor the efficiency of their air purifier.

Real-time & Hyperlocal Data

Real-time & Hyperlocal Data

AQI & Pollutant Info

AQI & Pollutant Info

Global & Standardized

Global & Standardized

Using Outdoor Air Quality to Add Value to Consumer App

When Dyson introduced its first air purifiers, they also launched a connected consumer app. Not only does the mobile app enable consumers to control their Dyson’s air purifiers remotely, but it also provides access to impactful information about their home, device, and indoor/outdoor air pollution. It encourages people to use the app everywhere they go, whenever they feel the need to check air quality inside or outside their house.

The Dyson app is a great example of the numerous opportunities and ways to integrate BreezoMeter air quality information into a mobile app.

One screen, all the information

The first screen in the Dyson application gathers all the information and next steps consumers might want to check or do on a daily basis. Creating a clean, intuitive user experience was a key consideration in designing the application, and Dyson made sure that the data was easy to read, understand, and access:

Outdoor Air Quality (1)

Dyson conveys several levels of information regarding outdoor conditions:

  • The Air Quality Index (AQI) and level at the consumer’s house. The background color changes with pollution.
  • Useful weather information, such as temperature and humidity percentages.
  • The dominant air pollutant name and its concentration.
  • Clicking on the outdoor air quality information directs users to more information on outdoor air quality (see below).

Indoor Air Quality (2)

Dyson shares essential indoor air quality information while keeping a user friendly interface:

  • The indoor air quality level, as measured by the embedded sensor. Again, the background color syncs with current air quality.
  • Temperature and humidity.

Providing consumers both indoor and outdoor air quality is a constant reminder of the value of the product they own, leading to better user satisfaction and post-purchase sales (such as additional devices, replacement filters, and more).

Reports (3), Control Panel (4) & Additional Actions (5)

Users can access additional information, and can set up and control their devices.

Dyson Consumer App Integrates Breezometer Outdoor Air-quality Data

Educational resources for users

Clicking anywhere in the “outdoor space” of the screen (orange background in above picture) directs the users to a new screen, with additional information on outdoor air quality. It keeps the main screen simple while providing users with more detailed information at their fingertips.

Hardware, Software & Application

Dyson’s air purifier products are beautifully designed, simple to use, yet they offer the flexibility and autonomy users want and expect: all the device features can be controlled directly on the device, using the remote, or within the app. Meanwhile, the “auto” mode ensures the device is active when pollution is high, so users don’t have to worry about switching it or off.

This mobile app has become the central hub for Dyson’s Pure Cool Link air purifier, where consumers can monitor air quality and manage their devices all in one place. It’s also helped Dyson continue to lead the way as an innovator and push its IoT strategy forward.

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