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RZ Mask Advertises Smarter with BreezoMeter

Air quality app and widget inform and educate potential consumers on air pollution

The American company offers a range of filters and masks that can adapt to most situations and jobs

RZ Mask commercializes high quality masks helping people limit their exposure to air pollution. The family-run company first heard of BreezoMeter thanks to its app that had been featured twice on Google Play. Diving further into BreezoMeter’s technology, data and app, the marketing team was greatly impressed by BreezoMeter’s capabilities and saw an opportunity to promote their mask in a new and innovative way.

Visually Impactful

Visually Impactful

Innovative Marketing

Innovative Marketing

App & Widget

App & Widget

Adding an "incredible tool" for Marketing & Sales

The Perfect Fit

From the start, the marketing team at RZ Mask has been impressed by the technology and services provided by BreezoMeter. In their eyes, every person concerned by air quality would love to have access to such simple and impactful information – the 0 to 100 index, the color scale, the heatmap, all participate in making air pollution visible and easily understandable. While BreezoMeter alerts people of pollution events, RZ Mask offers a layer of protection against poor air quality. It’s a perfect fit!

3in1: Awareness, Education & Solution

With the increase and spread of air pollution, air quality has become a hot topic in the media. Populations tend to be more aware, knowledgeable, and logically more worried.

Joe Klatte, director of Marketing, sees “BreezoMeter air quality data as the solution for all of those who worry: The app and the website widget act as awareness and educational tools allowing people to clearly see when air quality is below acceptable limits.” RZ Mask then provides the solution for their concerns: a solid protection against outdoor air pollution.

The Air Quality Widget

RZ Mask installed BreezoMeter air quality widget on its homepage. The widget enables visitors to check real-time air quality in any place, or address they like.

The online tool helps potential customers visualize air pollution. It encourages them to regularly visit the website to access air quality data, and ensures that when they will want a protection against air pollution, RZ Mask will be the first name on their minds.

The Air Quality App

Following the same rationale, RZ Mask decided to advertise on the BreezoMeter app. Via the application, RZ Mask can directly target a large pool of valuable leads: users who are concerned with air quality. As the ads only appear during pollution alerts in users’ specific locations, it ensures personalized and effective advertising.

BreezoMeter provides a fantastic app and widget. The air quality information is very clear and easy to understand. I couldn't be more impressed!

Joe Klatte

Marketing Director

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