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LifeMap enhances Asthma App with BreezoMeter

Adding air quality to inform and protect asthma patients, and potentially improve medical research

LifeMap Solutions is developing innovative digital health solutions

LifeMap Solutions and the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai developed the Asthma Health mobile app with two ambitious goals in mind: offer a personalized tool to help asthmatic patients better understand and handle their health condition, and conduct a large-scale study on asthma. In its research for a reliable outdoor air quality feed, the team first integrated official government data, but quickly realized they needed global coverage and highly accurate real-time data. It selected BreezoMeter. Since then, the app has successfully launched in several countries outside of the US and implemented impactful features.

Asthma Health is one of the first apps built on Apple’s ResearchKit technology platform.



Global & Standardized

Global & Standardized

Pollutant Info

Pollutant Info

Finding the Right Air Quality Company

Asthma is one of the most prevalent chronic diseases worldwide.

In the United States alone, over 25 million people have asthma, costing the U.S. $56 billion annually. Taking medication as prescribed and avoiding asthma triggers, such as air pollution, are the keys to effective asthma management.

Governmental data are too limited

In 2015, the R&D team at LifeMap Solutions integrated air quality data from the EPA.

Quickly, the company realized it needed a highly reliable, standardized data feed available globally to support its international expansion and new country launch, especially in the UK and Ireland.

Looking for a better solution

As the data was to be integrated in a mobile app, the company was looking for location-based, real-time data to make air pollution information relevant and actionable for patients and the research. That’s when the team began searching for a better solution and discovered BreezoMeter.

Switching to BreezoMeter for global, reliable data with unique features

BreezoMeter was providing real-time, location-based air quality data in all the countries targeted by Asthma Health.

It already completed the work of standardizing national scales, levels, recommendations and Air Quality Index (AQI) in order to provide a unique worldwide air pollution scale from 0 to 100, facilitating development and launch in new countries.

In addition, the AirMap and the dominant pollutant information proved to be essential features for asthma patients.

The LifeMap team utilized BreezoMeter’s API to create a functional air quality map within the iOS app, and they were the first partner to create such a feature.

BreezoMeter has provided localized air quality data feeds for all the regions in which our Asthma Health app has launched. And the Heatmap is an especially innovative and useful add-on for study participants.

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