Veolia strengthens its city solutions with BreezoMeter

Impactful insight on city’s air quality for citizens and smart city managers.


As a resource management leader dealing with waste and treatment plants, air quality is nothing new to Veolia. However integrating real-time & geo-localized air quality into the Urban Pulse app first, soon followed by the Urban Board, was a pioneer and innovative move: transcending the traditional silos, Veolia offers citizens, in addition to city managers, the power to know the air they breathe in their urban environment.

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Veolia group is the global leader in optimized resource management. With over 174 000 employees worldwide, the Group designs and provides water, waste and energy management solutions that contribute to the sustainable development of communities and industries.

The Challenge

Veolia provides three complementary business activities enabling cities to get smarter: water management, waste management and energy services.


One aspect of the smart city movement is to provide transparent, intelligible and reliable information not only to city managers and elected officials, but also to citizens.
Offering impactful data to citizens, allowing to increase their wellbeing in cities, has thus become a strategic stake for Veolia.

The Solution

Urban Pulse - City App

Veolia uses BreezoMeter’s data to inform Urban Pulse app users on the air quality for their geo location. The current AQI and the dominant pollutant are displayed on the home screen.

BreezoMeter’s unified scale from 0 (poor air quality) to 100 (excellent) makes air quality easy to understand for users, while facilitating launch in new countries. Indeed, countries develop and use different air quality index and levels, requiring tedious customization work to adapt to local requirements and specificities. Using BreezoMeter’s superior air quality data is a time saver and a guarantee of quality.

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Clicking on the data provides additional information and helpful resources on the main pollutant, its impact on human, the pollution causes, as well as health recommendations for different populations, health sensitivities groups and situations (children, sports, inside vs. outside).

Veolia app air quality data

Zoom In: A Different Itinerary, Pollution Smart!

In addition to readily available air quality data as a “standalone” feature, Veolia has integrated geo-localized and real-time air quality into one of its most important tool within the city app Urban Pulse.


The itinerary tool displays air quality results and pollution exposure for each route, and each mean of transport. Users benefit from impactful information when and where they need it. Being one of the few itinerary tools in Europe to display air quality alongside direction details, Veolia’s Urban Pulse differentiates itself from competing app and engage with citizens on a deeper level.

Veolia app air quality map

Urban Board - City Dashboard

Veolia developed the Urban Board – a smart city solution for mayors, city managers and officials – around four main categories: Safety, Environment, Urban Cleanliness & Mobility. Each section of the dashboard is further divided into specialized units, combining factual data with citizens’ impressions to bring perspective to urban services performance. BreezoMeter’s air quality data, including the main pollutant and current AQI is displayed in the environment section. More information is available by clicking on each unit.

veolia urban board air quality data

The Result

By providing highly accurate data, precious both to city managers and city residents, Veolia actively participates in the evolution towards smarter and healthier cities.

Air quality data enables Veolia to engage with residents, positively impact their daily routines, while key insights on the city’s health differentiates Veolia’s offers from competing smart city solutions.

"We live in an increasingly urbanized world (more than 60% of the world's population will live in cities in 2030 - United Nations), where the issue of resources is central to all: men, industries and communities. From official air quality measurement stations, the data modeling done with its partner Breezometer allows Veolia to offer urban residents, via the Urban Pulse mobile application, new functionalities to live well in cities such as the least polluted route calculator for pedestrians, etc., and to provide elected officials with an accurate picture of the quality of life of the inhabitants on the territories they administer."


Alain Staron
Senior VP Digital Strategy, Offers and Partnerships

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