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Engage with your users

Make your technology pollution-smart, bring relevant context (cars, beauty creams, air purifiers, mobile apps, etc.), show you care and provide data users care about (alerts, information, recommendations), & more.


Differentiate from your competitors

Integrate tomorrow’s commodity into today’s products and technology. Gain a competitive advantage, brighten your brand image and watch your revenues grow.


Partner with the leader

Opt for the world’s most accurate & impactful air quality data. Benefit from best-in-class support, unrivaled experience on how different users consume air quality, and a global feed that fits your international growth.

How Can You Integrate Air Quality Information?


Industries in Need of Air

Many industries and businesses can gain a competitive advantage and delight their customers or users by adding air quality information:

  • Mobility & Cars
  • Smart Home Devices
  • IoT
  • Digital Health
  • Real Estate
  • Mobile App
  • Beauty
  • & much more

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Smart City Solutions

Introducing the world’s most advanced air quality Command and Control platform to:

  • Optimize sensors networks
  • Gain access to simple and accurate air quality data for policy monitoring, pollution detection and information
  • Increase residents quality of life thanks to a future proof platform

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2 Billion People | 28 Countries | 7,000+ Cities

Our global & standardized data feed facilitates international development.

How It Works

Using advanced algorithms and big data infrastructure, BreezoMeter brings air quality data out of the obscurity and into the hands of users in a format that is as simple to access and understand as weather reports.


Crunching Data:

BreezoMeter technology uses big data infrastructure to continuously gather layers* of data from thousands of sources worldwide.
*subject to availability

Air Quality Models:

Our proprietary dispersion algorithms can calculate air quality at 323,304,271 geographical data points every hour. We are able to provide an actionable, real-time, and highly accurate account of ambient air quality at the highest resolution.


Big Data Analytics:

Thanks to our unique cloud architecture, using Google Cloud Platform, App Engine, and BigQuery – we are able to make more than 2 billion compound calculations every hour.


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Stop Wondering, Start Seeing

Air pollution kills more than 5.5 million people worldwide every year.
Choose BreezoMeter’s solutions today and begin contributing to people’s wellbeing.


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