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By using sophisticated algorithms to calculate air pollution, BreezoMeter has quickly established itself as the world leader in hyper-local air quality data."


The Complex Nature of Air Quality

Air quality is extremely dynamic. It changes hourly and from one street to another. Therefore, reporting air quality on a whole city scale or daily average levels will be irrelevant for most and in some cases misleading.

Many countries have deployed monitoring stations with sensors that measure pollutant concentration levels close to the sensor’s location. These governmental stations can be tens or even hundreds of miles apart, but air quality varies at the street-level. Moreover, governmental stations report information with a delay of several hours, not in real-time.

When it comes to air quality, unreliable data is worse than no data at all. As pollution reporting has a real-world impact on people’s health, relying on governmental station data alone is simply not enough.


The Multi-Layered Data Approach

Many factors impact the level and type of pollutants around us at any given time. BreezoMeter pulls information from numerous data sources, such as government sensors, traffic patterns, satellite data, active fires, meteorological information and more.

Our highly-sophisticated algorithms and machine learning technology calculate how the pollutants disperse across the different topological conditions.

Lastly, the data goes through a process of strict accuracy validation before it is reported.

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How BreezoMeter Ensures Accuracy

We have built a continuous accuracy validation process based on the “Leave one out” method into our technology: We eliminate one governmental sensor’s data from our algorithm, calculate the result, then compare the output later-on to the actual sensor reading.

To ensure we provide reliable air quality information down to a hyper-local scale of 0.3 miles (500 meters) on an hourly basis, we apply this cross-validation process to every sensor worldwide (47,000+ sensors) each hour.

BreezoMeter’s ability to ensure and prove accuracy is a key reason why world-leading brands and organizations rely on our data for their products and scientific research. These partnerships enable millions of people around the world to access reliable air quality data, empowering them to dramatically reduce exposure to toxic pollution.


Choosing the Air You Breathe


BreezoMeter's unparalleled degree of accuracy and granularity is a game-changer for millions of people worldwide: Everyone everywhere can now protect themselves against the growing threat of air pollution in their streets, neighbourhoods and towns.

Highly accurate, personalized and real-time air quality data has also become a driving force for market disruption as companies strive to keep up with changes in public behavior and expectation.

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Increasing Product Sales, Adoption and Usage

World-leading brands use BreezoMeter’s air quality data to offer intelligent and highly personalized solutions that enable customers to make better decisions about their health.

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