London Air Pollution: Above Annual Air Quality Limit in 5 days

Londoners are no stranger to poor air quality, but this year, the city seems to have finally outdone itself. On January 5th, just five days into 2017, London air pollution exceeded its annual limit in many sites across town.    There are 97 air pollution monitoring sites in London, and every hour they measure five major pollutants: … Read more

5 NGOs Fighting Air Pollution – Getting Involved

As you enter 2017 and might be looking into new challenges and goals, you might be interested in organizations that help improve the quality of the air we breathe, killing two birds with one stone (NGO involvement and your own well-being). We’ve come up with a list of 5 NGOs that are leading the fight in air … Read more

Video: Can You Smell It?

Can you smell it? Discover our Air Quality API in 2mn and learn how innovative companies across industries use air pollution information. Watch video now!

Skin, Air Pollution & Beauty

With air pollution damaging the skin, cosmetic & beauty companies, like Dermalogica, now offer customized solutions by integrating air quality data.