Our Company, Team & Story

Our Mission

Our mission is to help cities and businesses improve the health and quality of life for millions of people worldwide, by providing the most accurate air quality data in a format as simple, intuitive, and actionable as weather data.

Today, millions of people make informed decisions on well-being using our air quality data and our company services. We aim to reach more than 6 billion people (85% of the world’s population) who live in areas where WHO air quality guidelines are exceeded.

What Makes Us Different


We provide real-time, dynamic, and location-based data


We focus on powerful, actionable insights


BreezoMeter represents a unique fusion between environmental experts and data specialists


We deliver unmatched accuracy


Our Story

BreezoMeter was born from a need to know the quality of the air we breathe, in real time. Our story began back in 2012, as we were looking for houses to live in. We needed to find pollution-free areas because of family health sensitivities, including asthma. As environmental engineers, we understood the connection between our health and the environment, and we refused to compromise on air quality.

We decided it was time to make the invisible visible & started the company. After all, we each breathe 3000 gallons of air a day.

The Founders

B.Sc. Environmental Engineering (Technion) with vast experience in Environment & Health, as a former environmental manager at F&C LTD. Ran is the Chief Visionary & a proud father.

Ran Korber

Co-Founder & CEO

B.Sc. Environmental Engineering (Summa Cum Laude, Technion). Milken Institute Fellow Alumni who worked with decision makers at Israel’s Ministry of Environmental Protection. Ziv manages the US office and loves hiking in California.

Ziv Lautman


B.Sc. Software Engineering (Technion) with years of experience in hi-tech and major defense projects. Emil is an expert in software developing management methodologies and techniques as well as a true maker.

Emil Fisher

Co-Founder & CTO

As a team we are dedicated to make
invisible visible."

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