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Our Company, Team & Story

Our Mission

Our mission is to help improve the health and quality of life for billions of people worldwide, by providing the world’s most accurate and actionable air pollution, pollen and fire data.

By combining data from multiple sources, BreezoMeter’s data and insights provides businesses with the tools needed to positively impact the lives of their end users, meanwhile dramatically boosting user engagement and sales. BreezoMeter’s API products can be integrated easily into any application or device and for any industry use case - whether healthcare, smart-home, automotive or a marketing campaign.

BreezoMeter’s free Android and iOS apps are available to help people around the world make informed decisions by understanding what’s in the air they breathe.

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What Makes Us Different

The only source for personalized air quality and pollen data



Coverage in over 95 countries worldwide.



The only company to have external validation of accuracy.



Resolution of 5 meters - the equivalent of a few steps.



Personal recommendations based on individual sensitivities with over 20 health categories.


Our Story

BreezoMeter was born from a need to know the quality of the air we breathe, in real time. Our story began back in 2012, as our CEO & Co-founder, Ran Korber, looked for a new house to live in. He needed a pollution-free area to move to because of family health sensitivities, including asthma, and was surprised to discover this information hard to find.

Ran decided it was time to make the invisible visible & started the company. Today, all of our environmental engineers understand the connection between our health and the environment and refuse to compromise when it comes to accuracy around air quality & helping people to manage exposure. After all, we each breathe 3000 gallons of air a day.

The Management

Ran Korber
Co-Founder & CEO
B.Sc. Environmental Engineering (Technion) with vast experience in Environment & Health, as a former environmental manager at F&C LTD.
Emil Fisher
Co-Founder & CTO
B.Sc. Software Engineering (Technion) with years of experience in hi-tech and major defense projects.
Yafit Shamir
CPA with over 17 years of experience in executive financial positions in international and private high-tech companies, including two successful exits (M&A’s) in the software industry.
Roi Amar
Director of Product
An entrepreneurial product leader and mentor who spanned roles from engineering to product leadership on products which sit at the nexus of technological and cultural shifts. Roi has a Computer Science BSc.
Francine Haliva
VP Marketing
Over 20 years as a marketing executive for high tech/SaaS enterprises, Francine has built and led successful marketing organizations from the ground up to develop global leaders in their fields.
Daniel Elkabetz
VP Sales & Business Development
Msc and MBA (EDHEC), 8+ years of sales experience including international business development at Microsoft UK and France.
Yossi Michaeli
R&D Director
Over 10 years of experience in leading teams and delivering products in the Defence, Healthcare and IT domains. Passionate about the combination of Software, Data Science and great teams. B.Sc. (EE, Physics), M.Sc. (Physics), MBA from Technion
Nurit Sabag
HR Manager
Over 15 years of experience in HR Management across start-ups and enterprise companies. Nurit has established processes to enhance organization wide human resources policies, programs, and practices of the company’s goals.

Scientific Leadership

Dr. Gabriela Adler
Chief Scientist
MSc, PhD (Weizmann Institute) in atmospheric science, research scientist at NOAA, and expert in chemical & physical processes related to air pollution.
Dr. Amir Paster
Environmental Modeling Specialist
MSc, PhD. in Subsurface Hydrology, former Head of Environmental Hydrology Lab at Tel Aviv University & an expert in environmental fate & transport models with 15+ years experience.
Dr. Yvonne Boose
Atmospheric Scientist
Postdoc at the German Aerospace Centre. PhD in Atmospheric Physics from ETH Zürich (Switzerland) and Colorado State University (US).

As a team we are dedicated to make the invisible visible."

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