Air Quality
Management system

Let’s Take Car Safety
To The Next Level of Health
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Addressing the Health Risks of Pollution,

and Ambient Air

What if a Vehicle

Could Look After Its Passengers’ Health?

Pollution awareness and the search for healthier lifestyles provide a breakthrough opportunity for the automotive industry. HELLA & BreezoMeter help you seize it:


HELLA’s PM2.5 sensor measures PM2.5 levels inside and outside the car


Sensor data is
sent to BreezoMeter’s cloud


BreezoMeter’s air quality analytics provide worldwide real-time and forecasted AQI data to the vehicle dashboard and app


Passengers enjoy
clean, healthy air.

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Air Quality Benefits Passengers Get

In-cabin & Outdoor PM2.5 Sensor Data
Cloud-based Air Quality Information
Healthier Navigation
Forecast on the go
Destination Air Quality Index
Automated HVAC Control
Health Recommendations
Pollen Counts
Full App Integration

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