Environmental Intelligence for Automotive Makers

Predict Environmental Hazards Ahead of Time
By protecting drivers and passengers from hazards in the environment, automotive manufacturers create safer and more enjoyable driving experiences.

Smarter Air Quality Management

Researchers have found that a car can register up to 7 times more pollution than the streets during rush-hour. High levels of pollen are also known to trigger sneezing fits linked to traffic accidents. Until now, a car’s only defence was to get rid of the unhealthy air. BreezoMeter’s environmental intelligence empowers automotive makers to take intelligent action before environmental hazards arrive, instead of waiting to react.

360° Environmental Intelligence for Automotive Operations

BreezoMeter offers real-time and forecast air quality insights for any location up to a mind-blowing 5 meter resolution, delivering high accuracy even within dynamic, fast-changing environments.

Create Healthier Driving Experiences with Micro-Local Air Quality Insights

Live and forecast air quality insights help to ensure optimal in-cabin conditions at all times. Drivers & passengers benefit from improved levels of safety and comfort while OEMs establish competitive advantage through smarter, more personalized experiences.


Prepare the Car

By integrating real-time & predictive insights into the driver companion app, the car can be prepared & optimized before a journey begins.


Prevent In-Cabin Contamination

Live pollen, air pollution, weather conditions & more can be used to activate triggers that protect the cabin, like closing windows, turning on the air purifier, and more.


Suggest Cleaner-Routes

Enable healthier commuting through cleaner route suggestions in advance of & during a journey.


Improve Passenger Experience & Safety

Optimize the car’s environment in a way that maximises comfort & limits drowsiness.


Deliver Real Time & Life Saving Alerts

Send warnings when it matters most by monitoring environmental threats on the horizon.

Visualize Traffic Pollution

BreezoMeter’s high-resolution heatmaps can be integrated into the vehicle's HMI to deliver real time indications of ambient air quality along a journey.

Calculating 440M Virtual Sensors Around the World

Air Quality Overview

Universal Index
Local Index
Pollutants overview
Health tips

Why Integrate BreezoMeter’s Environmental Intelligence into Cars?

Leading OEMs choose personalized and micro-local environmental insights to boost customer loyalty and establish competitive advantage.


The only accuracy-validated air pollution, pollen, fires & weather insights provider.

Vehicle integration

Seamless integration into the vehicle.


Cloud-based solution for easy integration & scalability.

Stunning Visualizations

High-resolution heatmaps.

Personalized Insights

Personalized health recommendations based on individual profiles.

Automated Warnings

Automated actions & alerts based on predictive & location-based intelligence.

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