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Alert your customers to active fires in their area and give them the power to protect themselves from rapidly changing air quality levels at their location.

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Fire-Related Deaths Could Double by 2100

Not only do wildfires put lives at immediate risk, they cause high levels of toxic air pollution that spreads quickly. In the absence of actionable and timely information, people are defenseless against this growing threat.


Wildfires in the US Alone


Increase of EU Fires in 2019 so far compared to annual average


Hectares Burnt in the EU this year so far

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How Fire Alerts Keep Your Customers Safe

At any given time, there are hundreds, if not thousands of active wildfires taking place around the world. What’s more, fire-related pollution lingers even after a fire has passed.

By delivering location-specific and personalized fire alerts, your customers will have the information they need to plan ahead and stay safe.

Innovative Features


Innovative Features

Multiple data sources

Multiple data sources

Data is collected from satellites, governments, fire departments and more to deliver the most comprehensive Active Fires API in the world.



Data is served according to the user’s location, based on a radius of 19-62 Miles.

Fire alerts

Fire alerts

Users receive actionable fire alerts when they could be in danger.

Comprehensive fire information

Comprehensive fire information

Essential information regarding the size of fire, containment rate, status, cause, and more.

Global coverage

Global coverage

Coverage in 90+ countries around the world, including the USA, Europe, Asia & Australia.

Multiple data sources

Data is collected from satellites, governments, fire departments and more to deliver the most comprehensive Active Fires API in the world.

The Most Comprehensive Fires API in the World


Step 1


Relying on satellite data alone is not enough, so we layer this information with data from governmental authorities, fire departments & region-specific sources.


Step 2

Analyze & Process

We combine the multiple raw data sources, filter out unwanted noise, cluster any duplicate fire indications, then interpret the results.


Step 3


Location-specific and actionable fire alerts are made available through a single, unified and comprehensive Fires API for users around the world.

Historical Air Pollution, Pollen & Weather Datasets

Gain access to up to 4 years worth of accurate & reliable air pollution, pollen and weather information for 90+ countries worldwide.