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Help your customers track their allergies with pollen forecast, tracker, and an index based on the local pollen for more than 10 different pollen types


Pollen Affects People’s Health
Immediately After Exposure

which is why pollen tracking is so important

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The 1st Location-Based

Pollen API In The World

Don’t Settle For A Mysterious Black Box Algorithm

BreezoMeter organizes different pollen data sources to solve the lack of standardization in pollen emissions measurements and reporting.

Vegetation Land Cover

Annual Total Production

Phenological Factors

Weather Forecast &
Climate Data

Monitoring Stations

Pollen Emissions

Data Analysis & Proprietary Algorithms

Dispersion Models


Pollen API

The integrated algorithm includes:

Pollen counts from monitoring stations
Existing regional models
Proprietary pollen emission models

BreezoMeter’s novel approach uses:

Vegetation land cover data
Plant-typical values for pollen seasonality
Annual pollen production capacity

BreezoMeter’s pollen algorithm integrates numerous pollen data sources and models into a single, complete model, available via our pollen API.

BreezoMeter Pollen API solution

The Most Advanced Pollen Data Worldwide

BreezoMeter uses innovative pollen models and big data analysis to provide a continuous pollen index, based on the local pollen count, as well as daily pollen forecast.

BreezoMeter uses maximum available sources of information, and is constantly seeking to add more sources. BreezoMeter’s system architecture is designed to support new data layers, as the field of pollen measurement is expected to extend and develop in the next few years.

The Complexity of Pollen Data Availability

Pollen, like air pollution, can affect different people differently, but the differences can be more variable compared to air pollution’s effects on different demographics (children, the elderly, those with chronic heart and lung diseases, etc), and since the seasonality is very sensitive not only to weather, but also to climate change.

People with pollen sensitives are sensitive not only to different types of pollen, but the pollen grains themselves, even of the same species, can differ geographically as well as throughout a given season, with more or less of the allergenic components that irritate people’s airways and immune systems.

All of this, in combination with the overall lack of monitoring stations, creates a very challenging situation for predicting the experiences different people have in different places at different times.

Industries Leveraging Pollen Data

Smart Homes





Make purifiers, HVAC systems & thermostats captivating & smart thanks to pollution alerts, customized recommendations, & indoor/outdoor air info.

  • Connect your users to real-time air pollution data, where they are
  • Inform them when to use their air purification system, based on intuitive data, and science-based health recommendations
  • Engage with your customers to show them the value they receive by using your product

By using sophisticated algorithms to calculate air pollution, BreezoMeter has quickly established itself as the world leader in hyper-local air quality data.

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