Understand & Monitor Your City's Air Quality

Use the Right Data to Take Actions Against Air Pollution


Action Focused

Preempt impending pollution crises by advancing the optimization of daily city management – from optimizing traffic lights to tracking a specific pollution source.


Monitor & Evaluate Impact

Monitor which policies are working and share success by using tools like pollutant-specific reports, historic air quality tracking, and real-time alerts.


Improve Urban Planning

Profit from historic air quality analysis to find the optimum location for schools, hospitals, or where to locate the next park in order to improve the city air quality and protect citizens.

Looking to Connect More Sensors?

Adding additional sensors is not mandatory with our solution. However, it can help provide a higher resolution of air quality data.

city air quality data analysis

Air Quality Data Analysis

BreezoMeter’s powerful analysis calculates pollutant concentration across the city, provides real-time alerts, and much more. For sensors, we offer QA and real-time ongoing calibration.

Air Pollution Command and Control for the 21st Century

Integrated into your system or as a SaaS, BreezoMeter’s Command and Control platform can be seamlessly implemented to provide the location-specific, dynamic, and omniscient data required for cities to control air quality and make impactful changes.