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Impactful Features

Our globally available air quality features are based on the unique combination of highly accurate data and machine learning, presented in visually accessible & intuitive formats.

Real-time, Hyperlocal AQIs

Users can see the invisible pollution around them as localized as a single city block.

Display the global BreezoMeter AQI and / or the local AQI: we always provide both.

Air quality features: AQI with pollutant concentrations

Color-coded Heatmap

Color-coded Air Quality Heatmap - Pollution dynamics, impacted by real-time traffic, weather, and more, in the most intuitive and highly engaging format.

ipad heatmap wrapper

Air Quality Forecast & Historical Data

Air pollution information up to 96 hours in advance, as well as back data to better understand causes and effects.

Forecast and Historical Data graph

Pollen Dynamics

Useful insights for asthmatic, allergic, and pollen-sensitive populations.

Pollen Dynamics

& Much More


Global Coverage


Pollution Info & Alerts

actionable recommendations

Actionable Recommendations


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