Extremely Accurate
Air Pollution Data
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Powered by proprietary algorithms,
strict QA & machine learning.

Accurate Data, Everywhere

Where other solutions give you delayed air quality levels from the nearest monitoring stations, BreezoMeter employs big data & machine learning to deliver accurate local information in real time.

State-of-the-art Technology

Our Advanced technology allows us to keep pace with the complex flow dynamics that change the air, several times a day from street to street.



Thousands of sources worldwide are gathered into our powerful big data infrastructure.

Advance technology data collecting


Every hour, over 1.6TB of data are validated and organized to produce 420 million geographical data points.

Advance technology data validating


7.1 billion compound calculations are then performed by proprietary dispersion algorithms, using machine learning techniques.

Advance technology data modeling

The Result:

Ultra-accurate, hyperlocal air quality data is at your fingertip, available through a simple API

Advance technology data modeling

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Awards & Recognition

"By using sophisticated algorithms to calculate air pollution, BreezoMeter has quickly established itself as the world leader in hyper-local air quality data."
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