Air Quality Experiment

Real-time data, pollution exposure, public awareness & urban planning


The City of Paris launched an ambitious campaign called ‘Réinventons nos places’, in English ‘Let’s reinvent our squares’. Its goal is to improve quality of life, enhance public spaces and promote new usage as well as sustainable transport modes in 7 Parisian squares with strong history.

Place de la Nation square was chosen to start a large scale experimentation to collect noise, air pollution, and usage data. The results are shared with Parisians both in the square, through information screens, and online via open data.

The air quality aspect of the pilot is run by BreezoMeter and Cisco: BreezoMeter analyzes air quality data from local sensors, connected to the full network by Cisco. The project emphasizes on the different users’ exposure to pollution, the impact of road traffic and on supporting future urban planning and development.

air quality paris - Cisco & BreezoMeter experiment


  • Understand air pollution dispersion in the square
  • Monitor and document relevant air pollutants
  • Understand pollution exposure for pedestrian, bikers, drivers and local residents
  • Measure the impact of road traffic, traffic lights, bus/ metro stations on pollution
  • Produce reports to assist urban planning




Define optimal sensor amount, type and locations for exposure and pollution causes analysis

Data Accuracy

Calibrate sensors, monitor and cross-check resulting data to ensure accuracy

Data Analysis

Store, analyze and share pollution data for urban planning and public awareness


  • Optimize road traffic to reduce pollution and improve quality of life
  • Make informed decision for urban planning
  • Complement air pollution dispersion understanding
  • Increase public awareness on air pollution and air pollution reduction initiatives

Road Traffic


Urban Planning



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Public awareness


More and more cities and communities realizes that a smart city is a healthy city. The EPA’s Smart City Air Challenge is the most recent example of the growing importance of air pollution monitoring and reduction within smart city projects.

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Air pollution kills more than 5.5 Million people worldwide every year.

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